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Arrows for when you feel good: poems by Matt Metzler


"Arrows for when you feel good" is my first collection of poetry, originally self-published in 2014. It includes sixteen poems. This is a hand-made book that measures 5" x 4" and contains 32 pages (some of them blank). These are short poems, and won't take longer than ten or fifteen minutes to read.

These poems stem from dreams (some lucid, most not), unrequited desire, broken friendships, Crohn's disease, a less-than-successful trial of antidepressants, the welcomed discovery of healthy relationships, and the directionless angst of finishing college without any aspirations around the bend. Reflecting on them now, five years later, they strike me as an earnest attempt to turn a journaling habit into poetry, and a lesson in self-editing that I couldn't quite grasp. "Arrows" is a time capsule for me, and I'm relieved that it's over, but proud that it exists.