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Black tourmaline and Holographic: poems by Matt Metzler


"Black tourmaline and Holographic" is my second collection of poetry. It includes sixteen poems. This is a hand-made book that measures 5" x 4" and contains 32 pages (some of them blank). These are short poems, and won't take longer than ten or fifteen minutes to read.

"Black tourmaline and Holographic" is the first work I've felt like sharing since 2014. I like to think of my self-published writing, in particular the design and packaging of it, as being inspired by how my favorite bands release and design their records. This collection is like a split record between two bands. The eight poems that make up "Black tourmaline" come from 2014-16, when I lived in Oxford, Ohio and took my first teaching job after college, giving myself completely to the career I was sure I'd never want, watching how the other parts of my identity began to morph and change and intensify or diminish now that my time in college was over. Thematically, they're the bridge between my last collection, "Arrows for when you feel good," and what comes next... which is the eight poems of "Holographic." I wrote "Holographic" between 2018-19, living in Bloomington, Indiana, still teaching, but feeling transitional in much of my life, trying to let go of the baggage that I brought with me from Oxford, finding unexpected and deep clarity in movies like Paris, Texas, A Taste of Honey, and Midnight Cowboy, tinkering with my poems word by word and line by line to try to make them as visual as a movie themselves. I'm clearly biased, but I think this is the best my writing has ever been, and I'm excited to keep trekking along the trail I've found myself on with this mini-collection.